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^I think that's it, I think a lot of people just thought he was eccentric, and I think a lot of people were blinded by the work he did for charity as well. I wonder, was the charitable work a cover for what he did, or guilt manifesting itself? Probably the former but we'll never know, probably he liked to be lionised, liked to be the centre of attention and maybe got a kick out of being thought of as a saint.

Now Labour are calling for a national enquiry. I dunno, I'm getting kind of tired of us having an enquiry into everything; Bloody Sunday, Hillsborough, Malaya etc. I'm not saying mistakes shouldn't be investigated, lessons learned etc I'm just tired of it as a default setting every time something happens.
Well if it's true that some of these events were reported and the police did nothing then that should be investigated. If it's true that he was given keys to locked ward that should also be investigated, just on the grounds that these things could and probably still do happen and need to be prevented in the future. But basically it amounts to this eccentric millionaire who raised money for charity and was a celeb who kids might like to see got access because people thought he might bring happiness to kids while in hospital. As wrong as that might be people probably thought they were doing a good thing, rather than assumed they were turning a blind eye to child abuse.
You sit around here and you spin your little webs and you think the whole world revolves around you and your money. Well, it doesn't, Mr. Potter. In the whole vast configuration of things, I'd say you were nothing but a scurvy little spider!
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