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Re: Any old timers still around?

Pere! Long time no see! We were Eternal Flaptains together, back in 2001.
Should we register a new #trekbbs? It might be fun to chat with the other oldies and to make friends with the newbies.
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Old timer? me? HA!
Nah, you're just old, plain and simple.
Silence you!
Santy, remember: like a very good wine, we get better with age

speaking of age: is Teelie (TLE / The Lonesome Ensign) still around? He was one of the very first TBBSers, if I am not mistaken.

And dare I ask what happened to Lisa? Or is she not to be talked about? I've heard rumours that range from her getting pregnant (highly unlikely, considering the fact that she was online 24/7 and simply had no time for propagation) to her parents forcing her off the computer for her neglecting her studies (that's imo the most credible version).
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