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Re: Anyone Find Generations "Saucer crash" to be poorly done?

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The window above the bridge cracking was a bit odd though, like the view screen in the 09 movie turning out to be an actual window with a HUD-style overlay.
I had no problem with the nuTrek viewscreen being an actual window... it actually makes a ton of sense.
How so?
As Cove said, windows make sense for the simple fact of seeing what's going on outside. If you entirely relied on the viewscreen, you are blind or reliant on sensors when it is inoperative. Plus, an overlay of data is quite simple to accomplish on an actual window, allowing you to multitask. Why else would the Star Trek "viewscreens" be literal 10 foot tall projections of whatever it is you're looking at? You could simply get away with a little 17" panel at the captain's chair (which incidentally, a lot of times is the view we get from other captains when they are fullscreen on the viewscreen).

As ST:FC shows, when the screen is off you're looking at a stupid blank wall. As ST:NEM shows, when the front of the bridge has been blown out by damage, you've got a pretty damn good view of whatever the starship is pointed at.
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