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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

What you aren't understanding is that you are still inaccurately describing what those episodes are actually about. You assume, but you are incorrect. It's frustrating because I know exactly where you are coming from in one respect; I had the same initial reaction to the Princess trilogy promos. But it turned out to be fantastic. It's nothing if not complex, actiony, and just a little bit wacky.....which usually describes the best of Farscape. (One scene from the Princess trilogy will feature in the season 3 credits.)

WGFA is one of the key episodes of the season. You've already seen some of the payoff, but in the proper sequence it's the first full revelation of the chip in John's head and Scorpius' motivations for putting it there. It pays off all of the little signs and moments throughout the season, most notably Scorpius' inexplicable role in "Crackers Don't Matter", in a very strong story.

These four episodes also introduce a new alien race who become key players later in the show. Shame you missed their introduction entirely.
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