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Re: Has JJ Abrams ever watched any star trek episodes or movie?s

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Because if they're going to make movies, they need to not make extended episodes like Insurrection. They need to ditch the TV show's talky parts, moral dilemmas, and slowness, and just focus on the whiz-bang action and character quips. That's just what Star Wars happens to be, and it works. I'm not sure there's any shame in doing that.
I agree. And you know it's not like character is sacrificed.. we already know their characters. We know when Spock speaks of his mother what that means, we know how much Kirk and Spock's friendship will mean to both of them so their initial clashing is poignant. These aren't flat dull characters whose fleshing out was sacrificed for action. These are already fully developed characters and every character point that takes place in the current of the swashbuckling story resonates and adds to what we already know.

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