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Re: Tuvix - dumbest character in star trek history?

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
kes was supposed to be as in love with him now, during the Tuvix escapade, as she was in love with half of him the week before.

Considering what was said in Warlord about Tuvok and Kes, it seems possible that if Tuvok loved Kes as much or more than Neelix, then that Tuvix loved Kes three or four times as much as Neelix.
Only now the age difference is even creepier.

UNLESS. You count Tuvix as being as old as his creation, then Kes gets to be the older woman. That does sound like the kind of line Tuvix would pull out of his ass, all the while beaming away like a maniac.

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