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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

Eh.. I tried giving this another go this season to see if it improved from last and it hasn't. I appreciate the writers focusing on just a few of the same characters week-in and week-out compared to trying to juggle a bunch of them but I still find the flashbacks pretty perfunctory and boring. The stuff in Storybrooke is a bit halting and the overall storytelling is a bit aimless. More specifically in this episode I thought there was a lot of padding--the Ogres, Henry stealing the keys and going to Regina's vault only to have what I thought might be a pretty interesting turn of events go nowhere(plus I find it hard to believe Regina would let Charming know where her vault was), the whole flashback with Snow being unable to bear children was highly predictable and glacially paced, Jefferson's reunion was too brief and really lacked any emotional resonance.
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