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Re: The Linguistic Downgrading of the Romulans

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This dialog always comfused me:

COMMANDER: Must it always be so? How many comrades have we lost in this way?

CENTURION: Our portion, Commander, is obedience.

I really never understood the Centurion's line. Am I missing a reference to something? Becuase listening to it, is sounds like "our portion" is an answer to "how many comrades were lost." The "is obedience" throws me off. I feel kinda foolish for not getting it, but if anyone can enlighten me, I'd appreciate it.
I guess I always heard it wrong, but to my ear it sure sounds like he answers "A portion, Commander. 'Tis obedience."

Which would mean his answer is that they have indeed lost a portion of comrades in this manner. But that comes with the territory of obeying the Praetor's orders.

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