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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

But they wouldn't let any of the characters or actors loose.

I never really noticed any sexual tension between Chakotay and Janeway until that episode. Because Chakotay was just perfectly behaved, and mystical and reserved and philosophical all the time.

So it seemed out of left field when it happened.

Harry Kim was straight laced, clean cut kid who didn't push the envelope, yet hits on Seven of Nine to see what she would do.

So Seven says 'Ok, take off your damn clothes,'

Ok, Kim, now what? Didn't it look like an out place thing for his character to do, considering he backed off quickly?

I just read there was a standing edict from the producers that the human characters of Voyager had to be intentionally bland so the aliens would stand out.

I think Wang was right . I had the feeling if they let actors loose with their characters at least for a moment, we would have seen some real tension, sexual and socially and story wise.

So much potential.
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