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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

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If you have been following the thread you will know I was actually responding to Temis the Friendly Ghost and she did say that.
The point is, this was not something claimed by the film or the writers.
A "point" that doesn't need making because nothing I said indicated otherwise. But if you are so concerned, why did you not point that out to Temis the Friendly Ghost yourself?

I will say that your "point" is however misleading because Orci is obviously trying belatedly and unsuccessfully to make it appear the multiverse somehow makes it almost inevitable that the events of the movie would come about. To quote you quoting him: "Thus, the idea that Kirk and Spock and Bones come together is merely an indication that the probability assigned to such an event is very high in the multiverse." (We are not of course concerned with the multiverse, only with how likely it is in the JJverse).
So from a pedantic point of view he is not saying 100% probability, just very likely. By all means make whatever technical point you can out of that distinction. To me Orci still looks to be mistaken.
No, we would normally attribute it to something called "coincidence". No deity required.
Only up to a certain point. Once things get too ridiculous many resort to superstitious explanations. The film, as I explained, appears to be no exception, whatever the writers may have intended.
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Actually by saying something like the universe is trying to "repair itself" the writers are effectively endorsing Pantheism.
The quote I posted by Orci contains no endorsement of Pantheism. It speaks of probabilities. It's cast as science rather than religion.
But that's not how it came across in the film and I believe his quote fails as science anyway. The phrase I referred to comes from the movie (if I remember it correctly) and implies a fantasy explanation of some sort, especially in the absence of anything else.
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