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Re: Think We'll Ever See A Trek Series Longer Than 7 seasons?

And Game of Thrones is a big hit too.

All the signs are there. CBS needs to do a kick-ass, intense, violent (but intelligent and character focused) Star Trek series and put it on Showtime. It would astonish everyone how well it does and inspire a tsunami of imitators, most of which would flop or suck or both but at that point who cares.

However, it would be very different in style from the Star Trek that's been on TV to date and different from Abrams' movies too. It could keep the "core" of the franchise, the notion that the Federation is a paradise and all the tough and dramatic stuff happens on the frontier, to Starfleet, and still be as gripping as any of those cable shows mentioned. But one way or the other, fans will have to adjust their expectations to whatever comes next.

It could work. All that's required is guts and vision. Hah!
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