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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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To anyone who doesn't read comic books and doesn't really care, they're both "that movie where a bunch of superheroes team up."

"Based on Marvel Comics, right?"

So calling the new show ARROW was probably a shrewd move . . . .
That would mean they also get confused by having Fantastic Four in the mix and any inevitable Justice League film.
I say inevitable, I hope I'm right in using that word and not just being optimistic.

I really just don't see confusing X-Men and Avengers.
I accept it happened in a one off anecdotal moment but don't think it's a widespread issue. Not in the way this line of discussion was brought up with the Green Arrow, Green Lantern or Green Hornet way.
I don't know. To a lot of people, all that crazy superhero comic book stuff is the same . . . .

Like I said, I bumped into the Babylon-5/Battlestar Galactica mixup just this morning. Hey, it's spaceship show that sounds like "Babylon" or "Battlestar" or something . . . .
I'm even surprised that they knew about Babylon 5.
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