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If losing "vocal distinctiveness" is what it takes to make him sound like this, then good riddance. Mick hasn't sounded this good for MANY years. In fact he sounds like he somehow has managed to shave a few years off those vocal cords. The band's playing also sounds pretty crisp and not sloppy which makes me wonder if Keith was involved in the sessions.
The first single of the Stones' 50th anniversary year and Keith Richards not involved in the sessions? Doesn't seem likely! Anyway you can totally hear him playing.

I agree on Mick's vocal, it seems more energized and less mannered than on a lot of their recent stuff. I'm not crazy about the thick drum sound, it kind of muddies out Charlie's touch, but it'll do. Pretty good track overall.

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"Ah was borrrrrrrrrrrrrrn in a class fIve HurricANE,"
"Crossfire hurricane."

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