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I accept it happened in a one off anecdotal moment but don't think it's a widespread issue. Not in the way this line of discussion was brought up with the Green Arrow, Green Lantern or Green Hornet way.
That's because it's not a widespread issue, especially for the audiences actually watching these shows/movies. For some reason, a lot of nerds need to feel that their interests are strange and mysterious to the "common man on the street," and if it's something they know a modicum about, clearly it must be foreign and alien to the rest of the cosmos. Especially if your 60-year-old mom is the only girl you talk to. Worse, if it's something they don't much about, it's completely and utterly foreign and alien to the world at large. (Case in point: If the electricity goes out, mankind loses the knowledge of how to bake bread.)

The real reason for the name of the show is as I pointed out earlier in the thread. They just love one word titles for whatever bizarre reason. Somehow it's "cool." Smallville did it with its title and episode titles. Online gaming groups do it. 'Cause it's hip and edgy, yo.
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