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Re: TV Ratings, Oct 8-14

The CBS fixation is largely due to that weird anti-old people mania. The Live+7 ratings show Elementary is a relative hit. Even Vegas is doing better than you would have thought. Made in Jersey was a definite bomb and Hawaii Five-0 is slumping, that's pretty much it.

The Mentalist's slump is to be expected, but it's being thrown away on purpose. By ordinary standards The Good Wife should have been buried in the graveyard, where it could be expected to get lousy ratings and good press. It may be that the real demographics (income breakdown) show The Good Wife to be really hot in the higher income brackets?

But yes, people here do want CBS to deepsix pretty much everything and take its audience down into the depths along with the shows too. Unfortunately that's just a wet dream. The real issue is whether the ad revenues will support more than a handful of scripted shows. The basic cable model, where there are only two or three new shows floating in a morass of reruns, B movie packages and game/contest/weird jobs/glorified DIY will prevail. There won't be edgy or good programming for glorious youth, there'll just be the biggest youth drawing series, like American Idol or sports or the occasional Gray's Anatomy.

And one of the biggest problems with the quality of scripted shows is the number and length of commercial breaks. The networks are already in a vicious circle here.
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