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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

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If you have been following the thread you will know I was actually responding to Temis the Friendly Ghost and she did say that.
The point is, this was not something claimed by the film or the writers.

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"Possible" only in the sense that technically absolutely anything "might" happen (from our limited point of view), but is never-the-less so unlikely that we would normally attribute it to a deity etc, if it actually "did" happen.
No, we would normally attribute it to something called "coincidence". No deity required.

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Indeed your use of italics seems to imply agreement thus rather undermining your: "nothing of the sort".
You're apparently reading too much into it.

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Actually by saying something like the universe is trying to "repair itself" the writers are effectively endorsing Pantheism.
The quote I posted by Orci contains no endorsement of Pantheism. It speaks of probabilities. It's cast as science rather than religion.
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