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Re: Power of the Federation

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They were a superpower in TOS as Daniel indicated, and I think they were a superpower in TNG and DS9 all the way until the end of the war, where they'll need 10 years to get their fleet back on par. Think about what they went through in less than 7 years:
In DS9 it pretty much said that while the Klingons were winning against the federation during their brief war at first that it was only a matter of time until they got their heads together and kicked the Klingon's asses, plus I believe it was said that the Klingons were contained.

Then you see All Good Things, and Klingons conquered Romulans. Even though it's just an illusion by Q, I don't think he pulled it out of his bum, he must have based it in reality.
Yes, but that leaves them with more territory to protect and possibly fewer ships since I figure taking down the Romulan Empire would be pretty costly. So the Federation might have had an advantage on them.
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