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Re: TNG Characters in the JJ-Verse

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That means there is therefore nothing about the JJverse that implies a 100% probability that Kirk and Co will get together.
Orci never said that there was.
If you have been following the thread you will know I was actually responding to Temis the Friendly Ghost and she did say that.

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In fact the opposite is obviously true.
I don't get what you mean by "the opposite" here. You don't mean 0%, I hope. Because that is obviously not true.
Not the extreme opposite no. But I think it would be so close as to be hardly worth the qualification.

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You would need to believe in fate or some form of Pantheism perhaps, for what we saw to actually occur.
You would need nothing of the sort. What we saw was possible and thus required no divine intervention to occur.
"Possible" only in the sense that technically absolutely anything "might" happen (from our limited point of view), but is never-the-less so unlikely that we would normally attribute it to a deity etc, if it actually "did" happen. Indeed your use of italics seems to imply agreement thus rather undermining your: "nothing of the sort". Actually by saying something like the universe is trying to "repair itself" the writers are effectively endorsing Pantheism.
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