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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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I don't see how anyone confuses X-Men and Avengers though. There isn't even a similar naming convention or type of characters, at least as seen in the movies for the GA to confuse.
To anyone who doesn't read comic books and doesn't really care, they're both "that movie where a bunch of superheroes team up."

"Based on Marvel Comics, right?"

So calling the new show ARROW was probably a shrewd move . . . .
That would mean they also get confused by having Fantastic Four in the mix and any inevitable Justice League film.
I say inevitable, I hope I'm right in using that word and not just being optimistic.

I really just don't see confusing X-Men and Avengers.
I accept it happened in a one off anecdotal moment but don't think it's a widespread issue. Not in the way this line of discussion was brought up with the Green Arrow, Green Lantern or Green Hornet way.
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