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Re: Doctor Who: The Figure Thread

Being at the office right now, I don't have access to the sites where the announcements were made, but with the stories that start airing in 2013, Character Options will switch to the smaller 3.75 inch type figures (Star Wars scale). Alistar Dewar has stated this will NOT affect the "classic era" collectors line which is commissioned by UnderGround Toys and Forbidden Planet. So, should we get a Sarah Jane as she appeared in "The Android Invasion" (with swappable faceless robot head), she and future figures based upon the 1963-1989 series will continue to be made at a 1/13th scale.

However, when Character Options releases an Oswin companion sometime next year, she will stand less than 4 inches.

"Classic era" fans wonder what will happen whenever Matt Smith "retires" and his successor takes centerstage. Will Character Options provide a legal loophole to allow the release of a "special" 12th Doctor to match those from the "Eleven Doctors Collectors' Set"? I certainly hope so, but, obviously, I don't know.

Just a "heads up", gang.


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