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Re: Heck Yeah Moments in Trek

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Come on man - when the Klingon Birds-of-Prey decloak surrounding the Romulan Warbirds in "The Defector". The ultimate.
Agree, siskokid. That was also a good "Heck Yeah" moment in Star Trek. 2 Romulan Warbirds vs 1 Galaxy and 3 Bird-of-Preys. That's a fight I'll pay Pay-Per-View for. How would've the battle ended?

1 Romulan Warbird is said to be equivalent to a Galaxy-class starship. Best tactic is for both Warbirds focus their firepower on Enterprise-D. They could probably cripple or destroy E-D before getting themselves blown.

The 3 BoPs were K'Vort class. B'rel class (158m long) is the smaller of the 2 types of BoP. B'rels are essentially fast attack or scout ships. K'Vort are cruisers who measure 678m long. In comparison, Galaxy-class ships are 643m long.

We can assume K'Vort ships are not as strong as a Galaxy-class. But 3 K'Vorts can easily kick a Galaxy-class -- as seen in the finale of TNG episode "Yesterday Enterprise".

So returning to the fantasy battle from "The Defector". The BoPs could focus on 1 warbird while E-D kept the other Romulan ship busy. In the end, Fed-Kling would prevail. But, the Romulans would win a morale victory by severely crippling or destroying StarFleet's flagship.
Good analysis. I always figured that Tomalak was threatening to use both Warbirds to open up and destroy the E, hence "you will not survive our assault". But the 3 BoPs would let lose from angles on the Warbirds, plus whatever the E could let fly, ripping them up, which prompted Picard's "you won't survive ours". And I agree - I'd pay good dough to see how it would have played out!
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