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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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It's true. My next-door neighbor rented GREEN LANTERN expecting a goofy superhero comedy with Seth Rogen. Boy, was he confused. And only yesterday I heard this from an acquaintance:

"You mean the X-MEN and AVENGERS aren't the same thing?"

And, just this morning, I ran into someone who confused BABYLON-5 with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA . . . .

We assume everybody knows this stuff, because it's burned into our brains, but most of the world isn't paying that much attention to it.
I've encountered office workers who also confused Hornet & Lantern. To them they were both comic book characters and therefore the same thing...till they watched and whatever expectation they went in with was 180 different from what they had in front of them.

I've heard of confusing Star Wars and Star Trek all the time.
I feel if you're in tune enough to even know of Babylon 5 you shouldn't be confusing it with BSG.

I don't see how anyone confuses X-Men and Avengers though. There isn't even a similar naming convention or type of characters, at least as seen in the movies for the GA to confuse.
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