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It would be cool if Trek could get an audiobook franchise like Doctor Who has, with fully dramatized plays bringing back original cast members. If only Big Finish would get the license -- and hire us Pocket authors!
I would love to produce a Star Trek range for Big Finish someday! I've met them a few times at conventions and they are such a nice bunch!

They tend to do exclusive audiobooks or full cast plays hough - it could mean Excelsior or Titan??

I'd love more Trek audio it's a pity we haven't heard Frakes read Taking Wing or even a full-cast version of Star Trek Destiny - in fact that would possibly need to include the lead ins and Typhon Fact onwards.

These guys have produced lots of audio dramas, each release about 6hrs of various properties including DC and they're doing Marvel Comics now - the cast is usually about 2 dozen+ voice actors. I doubt the possibility of reuniting dozens to Trek vets for Destiny, GA seem to cast voice -only actors, mind you they could find the right sounding people. There are loads of Picard impressionists, but could people guess who everyone else is?

Also like Big Finish they look like a relatively small production company.

I do confess however I prefer the shorter 2-3hr audiobook to the unabridged format of over 300mins

It's too bad audiobooks are not made anymore. I'd love to hear:

The Good That Men Do as read by Scott Bakula.

Destiny I, II and III as read by current series cast members.

VOY relaunch as read by Robert Beltran.
Hmm - I wonder if you could get away with 'multi voice' audios rather than full cast - ie narration with some dramatized segments.

The 2009 movie novelization is the only Trek audio since 2003ish when the range seemed to die - I for one would certainly love a revival.
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