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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Sorry BBS'ers I got heavily sidetracked offline and had to push some episode viewing to the side. My apologies, I hope to get back on my intended track of more consistent watching.

So over the weekend I watched the following:

1x5-The First Commandment: This episode showed up what happens when someone through the Stargate accepts being treated like a god by the natives. This didn't seem to be any particular group of people grabbed from a historical identifiable time period. It does bring up, and was raised briefly in the episode, how the psych evaluations could've missed that the commander might be prone to this type behavior. They didn't seem to fully give credence to the idea that the overly strong radiation from the sun could be the full source of his issue.

1x6-Cold Lazarus: Really enjoyed this episode over Commandment. If for no other reason than the doppelganger O'Neill seemed to connect and show the trauma of what happened to the O'Neill's after the death of their son than we had seen to date.

1x7-Brief Candle: This episode reminded me very much of the TNG episode Inner Light(I think that's the title) where Picard lives out a lifspan in a short amount of "real world" time. The flute was the touchstone. This episode didn't need that as it occured in "real time" to O'Neill. Great episode!!

1x8-Thor's Hammer: Clearly tied to Vikings and I'm assuming the foundation for the little grey Thor to come(I have heard of this character, he's one of the few things I knew to be coming) later in the series. James Earl Jones as the voice of Unas aka The First was a nice touch. The only loophole I thought of was if the gateway with the energy barrier was the only place that energy appeared what was to stop Teal'C from leaving the way that Carter&Jackson got in. They came in from another point afterall. The episode just implied that archway was the problem, not that the energy killer was everywhere. Maybe I missed something though.
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