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Speculation: Must the villain be Gary Mitchell, or... ?

I recently saw the, what I assume is a legit "Into Darkness" poster with Cumberbatch on it, so it piqued my interest a little bit. When it comes to TOS TV episodes I am certainly a fan, but it's been least a good 20 years since I've actually sat down and watched them all because I was so into the TOS movies and then TNG era stuff. So I looked into and read about Gary Mitchell. Now I've read some things here and there about the villain being Gary Mitchell, but after reading it, I can't see how anyone could think otherwise. I mean am I crazy, wrong, or just....whatever, but is there honestly anyone else that it could be? I know Khan's been suggested, which I would really hate, and even I posed the question of it being Kirk's brother, but with everything I read about him, the Academy, bad feelings, and super-human like powers...I don't see how it couldn't be Gary Mitchell. Am I missing any other possible villain?
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