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Re: Interesting blog on younger people not connecting with older movie

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You might argue that you don't like how the artforms have changed, because you perhaps prefer longer shots over quickly edited ones, but don't say "you're stupid, you don't get it" to someone who simply appreciates the products of his time. Because, in fact, you are the unsophisticated one if you do.
If one appreciates only the "products of his time", especially when it comes to art, I probably wouldn't use the word "stupid" to describe that person, but it sure would be difficult to refrain from using "unsophisticated".
I don't think it's about only appreciating the products of your own time, but that it's easier to appreciate them, simply because they are more readily relateable and accessible to you. Or, you appreciate products from another time, but in a different way. Much like the other audience members in the Bond film were appreciating the film in a different way than the article/blog author was. If they didn't appreciate it at all, they wouldn't have given their time and money to be there for the screening. They DO appreciate the film, just not in the way the author wants them to.
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