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Re: First-run syndicated television dramas from the late 80s-90s

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As for Rescue 3, I would wish it well, but I don't think it will fare too well. Tribune tried the same thing with Legend of the Seeker. It had tepid ratings and was cancelled after 2 years.
Seeker did not have tepid ratings.It was a ratings success in both it's seasons. I had hoped it's success would spark new interest in the first run scripted hour arena. But alas, the fates weren't so kind. The show came to an end entirely because of the Tribune Company's financial crisis. They choose not to pick up the 3rd season, due to their then pending bankruptcy filing. As the 'anchor' station group (a core group of major market stations reaching a sizeable portion of the country), that loss sealed the show's fate. ABC Studios could not find other stations located in those same markets that would pick up the show, and that's why it ended.

And now that Tribune has emerged from bankruptcy, they are going back to their roots, with their pick up of Rescue 3. I kinda wish they'd try resurrecting Seeker, but a new, good ol' action hour on the horizon, is good news nonetheless.
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