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Re: Interesting blog on younger people not connecting with older movie

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Everything about film has changed in the last decades. Acting styles especially. That's why we say that some older films are unintentionally funny when they were taken very seriously back then. Just compare TOS acting to TOS movie acting to TNG acting to Abramstrek acting. There you have a well documented proof for the change in acting styles over several decades in various formats.

Blaming it on the audience, telling them "you are unsophisticated" (a.k.a. "you are a dumb fuck if you don't appreciate it"), blatantly ignores the fact that we simply live in a different generation of art.

People always complain when they say Star Trek 2009 is dumbed down for the masses. It's not, it's a product of its time. In 20 years, audiences might laugh at it, or even say it's too damn slow and boring, or even say it's way too dark, because they are used to an entirely different way of dramatic presentation.

You might argue that you don't like how the artforms have changed, because you perhaps prefer longer shots over quickly edited ones, but don't say "you're stupid, you don't get it" to someone who simply appreciates the products of his time. Because, in fact, you are the unsophisticated one if you do.
I agree! You've said what I was trying to say in a much more succinct way, thanks!
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