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Re: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' new game

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I've also seen today that Valve might be working on a privateer like open world space sim. If true and Star Citizen gets off the ground, it would make this niche's landscape quite interesting for the next two years.
If that's true, Roberts should just go to Valve and beg for the money. They'd give him the creative freedom he so clearly wants.

Honestly, though, I have a feeling that he's still hoping to get the Wing Commander license from EA, which is why the storyline is under the stretch goals -- he needs some extra cash to get it out of EA's hands. That trailer was Wing Commander, even down to the uniforms (which were straight out of WC3), and everything about this project is screaming that it's intended to be a Wing Commander game, but they're developing the new universe / fiction as a fallback in case they can't acquire or license the rights.
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