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Re: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' new game

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RSI has added stretch goals to the pledge site. It would appear that we don't get the MMO component unless they hit $5 million in funding, which is a pretty aggressive mark.
Ben Lesnick has addressed this quickly over on the RSI forums:

Ben Lesnick wrote:
We’re getting ready to address the stretch goals question in a Comm-Link post. I agree that it seems deceptive… but it wasn’t meant to be! The game announced at GDC is the one Chris Roberts intends to build, no matter what… not making the $4 million just means it’s going to take a little more time to get there instead of launching all at once.
So not making the $5 million mark would in theory mean that we'd be looking at a possible +3 yr wait rather than 30 months.
To be fair, though, Cloud Imperium's community manager is naturally going to put the most positive spin on things as possible. Remember, this is the guy who still insists that Wing Commander: Arena is a great game.

That being said, LOAF getting an actual job with Roberts as the community manager is pretty awesome for him, since he's been running the Wing Commander CIC since forever and a day ago (1999, if memory serves). My account on that site goes back even further than this one.
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