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Re: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' new game

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Why are the storyline things being included in the stretch goals? You should plan to have that anyway unless you're doing what XCOM is doing and letting the player create the story.
Keep in mind that all we've seen is a pre-rendered sizzle reel, and we have no idea whatsoever what development has taken place already, outside of the announcement that it's running CryEngine 3 and that Roberts has a very rough prototype. The three elements of any project that need to be in sync at all times are timeline, budget and scope, and while they're very clear about the timeline, they can't really establish the scope of work without a better understanding of the budget. My guess is that the amount of branching built into the campaign is what's dependent upon the money.

I pitched in $30, but I'm doing my best to keep my expectations in check. Roberts has never produced a bad game, but it's been ~10 years since he's worked in the industry and I have a very, very big worry that the reason he's taken the crowd-funding route is because he thinks he's big enough that he doesn't have to say "No, fuck you, Dad" to a project manager at EA or wherever.
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