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Re: Has JJ Abrams ever watched any star trek episodes or movie?s

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On the other side of the coin you have TWOK which was directed by someone who had never watched Trek prior to getting the job and delivered one of the franchise's most popular movies.
One could argue that Nicholas Meyer barely used Space Seed at all for TWoK -- except for the names of the characters and the idea that Kirk had a big part in exiling them to Ceti Alpha V. That aside, the character of Khan in TWoK was almost unrecognizable as the same character from Space Seed, except for the obvious (same actor and same character name).

I understand the tie-in to the idea that Khan and his people were exiled to Ceti Alpha V, but besides that, the villain of TWoK could have have been a totally original character, and not much would have changed.

Having said all that, I enjoyed TWoK immensely.
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