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Re: TV Ratings, Oct 8-14

Here's the article I was looking for with the handy chart showing how bad things are, especially for FOX and CBS.

If that link is blocked for you with a paywall, try going here and clicking directly to it, it's the third link down.

Basically, FOX and CBS are both down about 25%, which is significant enough to get the business press talking about it.

Television viewing of both cable and broadcast networks among adults under age 50 fell for the first two weeks of the new fall season, Nielsen data show, a much weaker start than the industry experienced last year.

The major broadcast networks lost an average of 15% of their viewers in the 18-49 demographic compared with the first two weeks of last season. In that same group, viewership of ad-supported cable channels dropped 1%, according to Nielsen.

The figures show less of a decline among people over 50, indicating that overall television audiences are getting older. Among all adults, the declines at broadcast networks were 11% while cable's overall audience rose 4%.
Older ones are still there but the key 18-49 demo based upon the current TV model is leaving.
Right, it doesn't matter if CBS is hanging onto 50+ if the advertisers won't pay for them.
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