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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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I guess Cora is going to be the big bad this year.

I don't know that I buy Hook being more dangerous than Rumple.
I don't think we can count out King George as one of the baddies of the season either. Clearly he's still got issues about Charming/Snow and may try to get at them through Henry. Which would be interesting as it may put Regina in the position of protecting and helping Charming in order to protect Henry. Unless... George goes to Regina and offers to kill Charming so she can have Henry to herself and then she would have to choose their fate...

But yeah, not sure how they can make a pirate more dangerous than a magic-wielder? And is just me or did Hook look like a cross between Joseph Fiennes and Captain Jack Sparrow?
Yep - George is going to cause trouble. I don't think we have seen George in SB since he was bringing MM up on charges. He still looked very angry.

YES! Hook did look very JF and Jack Sparrow. Eyeliner must be a pirate's must have.

I wonder why we have not seen Belle's father? Maybe we will? He and the flower van could be zipping through town.
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