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Re: Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D to ABC!

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I can just imagine Thor rubbing this in Loki's face - how he not only failed the invasion of Earth, but he also failed to actually kill Coulson.
You mean "the Son of Coul."

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
With no DC Nation I watched the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney which I hadn't seen in a while. Agent Coulson is doing well over there even taking Aunt May out on a date.
That character is not our Coulson. He's Principal Woodman as played by Clark Gregg. The real Coulson is cool and fun; this guy is just a stock rigid authority figure for the teen heroes to rebel against. He's even more out of character than that show's version of Spider-Man, who's the same snarky, irresponsible teen hero that Man of Action write in every one of their shows. I mean, seriously, Spidey is the last character it makes sense to write as lacking responsibility.

wamdue wrote: View Post
Lets face it even Thor and Loki being in the Avengers kinda ruins the end of the first Thor movie.
It was addressed in a throwaway line, that Odin had to harness immense energies to find a way to send Thor back to Earth after losing the Bifrost. And Loki had others' help. (And of course Loki's presence on Earth after his "death" scene was established in Thor's post-credits scene.)
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