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HOLY CRAP! are you a mutant? ._.
I think so. My other lower had three roots!

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Impressive! I actually had to have a lot of my baby teeth pulled because of hooked roots so I'm no stranger to having teeth pulled by the dentist. I never got Vicodin though.
I got it done Saturday afternoon, and it's now early Monday and I'm still needing the Vicodin. I've never had one this bad, and I definitely have a high pain tolerance (as confirmed by my dentist). With the other three I just took Ibuprofen for a couple days and was done. Have to say, it's making the workday interesting so far. My boss is sweetly concerned about me, meaning for the next couple days I'll likely enjoy a very light workload and being really high at the office!
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When I had my 3 wisdom teeth removed sometime in high school, they knocked me out completely. Can't imagine trying to endure that while awake!
More than once I've had people tell me I am "stoic" during medical procedures. I think it comes from having so many done starting at such an early age. This one was bad, though! Especially before he realized I wasn't numb! But at least the music was good, giving me something else to focus on, and I have an awesomely fucked up tooth to show off!

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