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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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I don't know what kind of Trekkies you hang out with, but in my social circles we bitch about this sort of thing and accuse it of ruining Trek's purity of spirit.
I heard a lot of that, as a starry-eyed new fan, with ST:TMP, then ST II, and then ST IV ("dumbing down for the masses"), then TNG and ST V!

After becoming a Trek fan in 1980, I started reading some older fan materials and realised that some people had also hated Season Three of TOS and Filmation's TAS for similar reasons, and with the same intensity.

Hating new ST is apparently nothing new, but it always seems at odds for a show that espoused "infinite diversity in infinite combinations" (IDIC).

Mostly, I choose to hang with fans who have a positive outlook like my own, and we manage to enjoy most of what we see. If it's bad (eg. ST V) we see it a few times and have a laugh, and if it's good we see it lots.
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