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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

78. Atlas Shrugged-Part One: B
79. Dredd: A-
80. Bridesmaids: C-
81. Taken 2: B
82. Atlas Shrugged-Part Two: C+

Bridesmaids - I don't see what all they excitement was about with this movie. Why did it break out and become the comedy phenom it did? What exactly were the scenes that had everyone in stitches? Was it the freaking out on the plane? Kristin Wigg's character losing it and trashing the upscale clubhouse by splashing in the chocolate fondue dip fountain? The food poisoning moment where they all are puking? I barely laughed at all during this movie. The fact I laughed some keeps it from being utter trash.

Taken 2 - While not better than the first I found it to be an enjoyable and logical extension of the first film. Points for using the same characters to keep continuity seamlessly alive. It also scores points imo for not again making Maggie Grace's character Kim a totally useless basket case. She was scared but acted and when her time to be "strong" was over she was relieved. I found that believable. The ending was predictable if anti-climatic. The movie took a beating by critics, unsure why. I feel they missed this one in their grading like many others. Audiences didn't care though. The only question now is where does the story for Taken 3 lead us? You know Brian will have run a background check on mystery boyfriend(I'm not sold on him).

Atlas Shrugged-Part Two: Speaking of continuity of cast from my prior film this installment flips over essentially all main cast from Part One. I don't think the story suffers any but I did like the actress playing Dagny Taggert in the first part better. She had more grit and gravitas I felt. It feels like the middle part of a story which is why my grade is a bit lower. That leads to the ending being a bit anti-climatic if not predictable based on what had been happening with people and now the magical "atmospheric energy creator" vanishing.
Not sure we'll see the conclusion as this installment dropped hard at the box office from Part One(not sure how they actually got this one out really). It's of course highly political in tone.
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