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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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...It is of course, unsubstantiated, but some wrestlers (past and present) feel/felt that Triple H has held them back, despite the evidence that suggests otherwise (Triple H has put over numerous talent strongly, throughout his career).
It's worth noting however that, for every wrestler that Triple H put over there are even more wrestlers that he has never, nor would he ever put over. Some of those same wrestlers could honestly say that Trips held them back.

That said, Randy Orton is NOT one of those main-eventers that Trips held back in fact, it could be argued that Trips made Orton the superstar he is. Hell, Trips put Orton over just about every time he cut a promo as a member of Evolution, nevermind the angle they did 2005 after Orton won his first World Championship. For Orton to publically make such an comment at Trips' expense is just classless.
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