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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Caught up thanks to rare quiet weekend. Big surprise so far: not one episode bored me enough to reach for ffwd. Cor-Ai was close though. Impressions so far:

* Production designers must have had a field day
* Casting is great; people with interesting faces like Harley Jane Kozak as O'Neill's wife and Tobin Bell. Though it did just make we want to shout: 'Jigsaw'.
* I want a Goa'uld voice changer for my phone
* Fairy Quark was just like Symbiont Quark
* Every SG-1 scene in woods, I just kept imagining them bumping into Athena & Helo. If anyone hasn't done an SG/BSG mash-up I'd be surprised.
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