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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Good episode, maybe my favorite of the show since the pilot episode.

But one major nitpick. So our heroes have been on the run for weeks or months now. They're working as a smoothly oiled zombie killing machine now(loved the teamwork). They have a bunch of crude, but seemingly functional sound suppressors for their firearms. All good stuff.

But in all that time, not a single one of them has realized how useful a pole-arm could be? A makeshift spear, halberd or pike would be an enormous improvement over the knifes, fireplace pokers, machetes, and pipes(or even Samurai girl's sword).

And you can't claim it is lack of availability. I could step into my garage right now and whip up some(shortish) crude spears out of my shovels and rakes and various garden implements in a couple minutes.
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