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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Here is a review from a harsh critic of the show. I disagree with him though - I think the acting is excellent.

Critic of Walking dead
Season 3 begins with some nice, tense zombie-slaying action that is inevitably interrupted by the over-dramatized interactions of the human players.
Finding a prison, the survivors decide that the facility may be their best bet for establishing a secure fortress, fortified against the zombie threat. They set about severing and spearing the heads of the undead mob within eventually securing a cell block of their own. Then, of course, it’s back to those over-dramatized interactions... and a barrage of commercials and asinine interludes. Again, I completely lost interest in the show before half of it was over, and failed to make it all the way through.
I am completely at a loss to explain the success of The Walking Dead. I understand the appeal of the survivalist fantasy, have a deep appreciation for the horror genre, and even love hideous low-budget (yet highly entertaining) b-grade films from the drive-in era. How unlikely it seems that I am entirely put to sleep by this Zombie Apocalypse epic while most of the rest of the viewing public seems to be enraptured by it. (My viewing partner was also unimpressed with the show, however, only remarking that “The kid’s name in this show is Carl, and that’s retarded.”) Perhaps I’ll try it again one last time, but certainly when I can watch it on my own terms, not held to the jarring interjections of AMC and its advertisers.
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