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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #63: Welcome Aboard!

Bashir: "The temporal accelerator retrograde dimension interstitial supercompensator console appears to have overloaded."
O'Brien: "Look, you're British, I'm Irish, we both saw the TV show, let's call it a Tardis console, between us two. It'll save time."

Sisko: "So a Bajoran, three Cardassians, and an Irishman walk into a bar..."

everyone scowls

"Wow! Tough crowd."

Kira os: "What did you do to Quark? You just leave him to have free run of your security office?"
Odo: "I had him hypnotised to believe that he's a mime. He's been in an invisible box for the last three weeks."

Eddington: "They told us in security training not to use stun setting 1 on Bajorans... I wonder why..."


"Oh... ohh... that's not nice. Oh god. Oh no! I'm so sorry Major! Now I know why Bajoran shock troops go into battle wearing diapers. Yeesh"

Bashir: "Let's try over the next ridge."
Jake: "How can you forget where the Alamo is? This is your holoprogram."
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