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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

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After all a crewman's life is on the line and the decision to push the button would have to be made quickly.
To the contrary, I'd think that since a life is on the line, everybody else should keep their dirty fingers off the button, and Finney and Finney alone should have the authority to jettison the pod.
Well since it is a "jettison" and not a "launch" then Kirk makes more sense because he knows whats going on with the ship's flight where as Finney only has ion pod readings. Finney might wait too long due to misjudgement or injury and get the ship blown up.

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I'd buy into your interpretation if there was just a shred of dialogue support into the episode.
For me, it's sufficient that there's not a shred of actual opposition to the interpretation.
Nah, you're just convinced of your interpretation despite the contrary evidence in the episode.

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And that is where Kirk is forced to jettison the pod, not deploy and run. If they could've fired an automated ion probe into the storm they would've.
We have no idea what really happened because all we ever saw was a dirty lie, truncating the story just when it got interesting. We are never told how Kirk and the ship survived the storm, and what role the jettisoning of the pod played in all that.
Jettisoning the pod saved the ship. That was repeated in the episode and never challenged.

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That's another thing we can't know, because the recounting of events is truncated. Nobody ever said they were going to keep the pod. There was a dedicated button for jettisoning it, installed specifically for this mission. And Kirk's finger was hovering over that button.
Which again, doesn't indicate that "launching" it was part of the mission since none of the dialogue goes there. The dialogue does support dumping or jettisoning it in case of emergency. Just because the Galileo 7 has a "Fuel Jettison" button doesn't mean it's mission is to go out and dump its fuel everytime she goes out.

Also, the other comparable example to the Enterprise "launching" something inside a large body was in "The Immunity Syndrome" and they took the time to spell out that they were "launching" it at point-blank range. Not "jettisoning".

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What are we to believe? That Kirk would only jettison this deadly threat after an emergency has arisen? Makes no sense. If the threat is the emergency, there is no "after" (well, except in the religious sense) - jettison is a way to prevent the emergency.
Just like Kirk would fire the phasers of the Enterprise after an emergency has arisen like being attacked by an enemy ship.

It's pretty obvious we're not gonna agree, so I'm going to agree to disagree. But it would interesting to see your re-write of the script to make it work to your interpretation one day.
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