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I'm not sure how this would be helpful. The same Defiant that may be at risk warping inside the Bajor system in "By Inferno's Light" has no trouble warping inside the Bajor system in most other episodes, and the same Enterprise that slows to impulse in "BoBW" has no trouble warping inside other systems. This evidence would seem to rule out starship type as a factor, while offering two other possible factors: whether the ship catches a system at an opportune or inopportune time for a warp risk, and whether the ship flies in a system posing a warp risk (regardless of time) or in one not posing a risk.

Earlier in the episode, the crew comments that Voyager was one of only two ships that have ever observed a supernova within 66 AU.
Yeah, a good way to explain the threat to the resident fleets... Except for the fact that the same evidence also suggests they could have escaped at impulse speed.

Of course, we don't know what the real intent of the Dominion was in nova-bombing Bajor's star. All we have is hero speculation. Perhaps there was no nova-bomb at all - and the agent posing as Bashir turned part of himself into a bomb lookalike in order to pull a flashy stunt that would divert attention from the other agent aboard the station, at a time when exposure of the Bashir agent was inevitable?

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