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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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A bit bummed about Herschel. In the first episode too. Victim of the old zombie playing dead trick. It makes you wonder if they're all as mindless as they appear to be.
Our characters, or the zombies?

seriously, though, fell for the 'zombie playing dead' trick? Hasn't he ever watched tv? Was expecting it when Rick took the keys, as well. How about a courtesy stab when you walk by one, just for reassurance? Doesn't cost you anything, lets you keep a leg (although the cross in the promo for next week implies that didn't work out great).

Good episode, although questionable tactics. Before rushing into the prison (once they took the field), why not just lure more of them to the fence, and stab most that way? They seemed excited to rush in and do it while under attack. After that, they should have ALL had a shield, as well. When the enemy can only fight hand to hand, having a riot shield seems like an obvious call. And then in the hallways; why are we fighting in the dark tunnels, and sneaking around? Get to a nice big room nearby (with an escape, or a watchtower), and just make noise. We've shown they will come to you, let them do it. Don't sneak around waiting to be ambushed...
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