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Re: Has JJ Abrams ever watched any star trek episodes or movie?s

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Many trek fans who hate the 09 film and hate star wars have accused JJ Abrams of turning star trek into star wars.
Make it more along the lines of "Some Trek fans unhappy with aspects of the 2009 film have repeated slogans to the effect that 'J.J. Abrams turned Star Trek into Star Wars,' but most fans decline to take those guys very seriously" and I might be willing to give you that one.
Actually I think serenitytrek1 statement is not that unlikely as it stands. Consider: If you are a Trek fan who both "hates" the 09 film and "hates" Star Wars, thereís a decent chance that you would accuse JJ of turning ST in SW. Hell, I have probably done it myself and I like SW. Anyway, such fans would be looking for any excuse and there are a number of parallels. Whether the majority of Trek fans take them seriously isnít really an issue, since his comment about "many fans", was in relation to the select group already described. Ie. "Many", in this case, referring to a fair proportion of a small subset.
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