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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

112. Farewell, My Queen (B+)

Alias "the lesbian Marie Antoinette movie", amusingly programmed by the Kingston Screening Room as a double-bill with the documentary The Queen of Versailles. The film takes as its basis various rumours about the relationship between the Queen and one of her favourites, the Duchess de Polignac, as told from the POV of the fictional Sidonie, the Queen's reader, who is also pretty clearly in love with her, though she doesn't realize it. The movie reflects the servants' POV stylistically as well, shot in a way that often recalls Kubrick's Barry Lyndon in its naturalism. Sidonie is played by Lea Seydoux, who, afterward, I realized I had seen twice last year, in Mission: Impossible 4 and Midnight in Paris (both in smallish parts). She's very strong in the lead part, a character whose struggles mightily with the fact that despite her devotion, the Queen ultimately regards her as a convenience. Diane Kruger's Antoinette is compelling, though really only observed from afar.

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