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Re: Tuvix - dumbest character in star trek history?

Had a novel thought about Tuvix's plight.

He couldn't run away because they would chase him, and he couldn't stay because they would kill him.

I mean sure, he could try to take over the ship.

Tuvix vs 140 (mostly)Starfleet officers?


He cold have "killed" the Doctor.

Erased his program, which is ostensibly the medical database.

It was certainly selfdefence, a "him or me" situation.

And if Janeway could kill one person to save two, then it must be morally sound to kill a hologram to save an actual real person, the same way it's totally ethical to put a GI Joe doll in the microwave if it will (magically) save you from stomach cancer.

Look how easily the Doctor killed his Equinoix counterpart in Equinox part 2?

Tuvix was 2nd Officer.

He totally had clearance and authority to delete the Doctor.

And after he stood there in the vacuum created by that obnoxious personality had blinked out forever... What were the legal repercussions?



That's nothing.

Seriously without an EMH, Tuvix was the only one with smarts enough, other than kes, who could study up to be a doctor fast enough to be of any use to the ship.

I can't believe it took me 16 years to come up with this.
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