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Re: TNG Caption This! 287: More Blu-Ray!

Picard: Damn it, Data, you've gone blurry again!

No one quite knew how to react to the R. Kelly race...

Picard: It seems to be some kind of anagram..."Carsick Aid Dip"

Riker: Yeah, that's right, they don't call me "Roofie Riker" for nothing...

Riker: All of this command red is making it harder for everyone to see me. That's it, LaForge, Worf, you're both changing departments.
LaForge: To what?
Riker: I don't know, Geordi, why don't you take security and Worf, you take engineering.
LaForge: That doesn't make any sense, with my VISOR I'd be better suited for engineering and Worf, being Klingon, well, wouldn't he be better for security.
Riker: You know what, I don't care, but next time I see you two, I want you in gold!
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